Industrial Oil

For the production of industrial oils with different functions and specifications, it is necessary to mix the two main substances called base oils and additives. Base oil is an oil substance that is available in three different ways. These methods include the use of oil shreds, refined oils and synthetic production, which are widely used today for non-leachate cutting.

Engine Oil Function

The main tasks of the engine oil include lubrication of the moving parts of the engine, minimizing friction and erosion, helping to reduce the heat and absorb suspended particles and sludge deposits from the combustion. it requires a complex chemical formulation, but for the purpose of knowing the performance of the engine oil, it is enough to know different types of motor oils...

About Alborz Commerce

Our activities began in 1995 and our activities in the field of lubricants, car accessories and industrial products began for seven years before the opening of the Alborz Commerce

history of 30 years with a team of experienced engineer and laboratory team in the field of automotive and industrial products: import, export, production and consulting, design and commissioning of oil and grease projects, automobile accessories, protectors, coatings , Spray, silicon, epoxy, adhesive and adhesive tape in Iran and rest of the world

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