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Alborz Commerce, communication tools between Iran and the Supreme Companies of the World

Our honor is 30 Years of offering original products and services

Our activities began in 1995 and our activities in the field of lubricants, car accessories and industrial products began for seven years before the opening of Alborz Trading Company .

history of 30 years with a team of experienced engineer and laboratory team in the field of

automotive and industrial products: import, export, production and consulting, design and commissioning of oil and grease projects, automobile accessories, protectors, coatings , Spray, silicon, epoxy, adhesive and adhesive tape in Iran and rest of the world

Over 30 years trading with big foreign and domestic brands. We have several exclusive agents and resellers nationwide and internationally. Alborz commerce specializes in import, export, production and sales of groups such as:

Car lubricant


Greases and industrial lubricants

Metal coatings and repair

Industrial sprays, industrial adhesives and adhesive tapes, anabolics, cyanoacrylates, silicones

1. Automotive products (lightweight and heavyweight):

(Motor oil (Mineral and synthetic

(Oil and Grease (Mineral and synthetic

(Automatic oil (Mineral and synthetic

(Gearbox oil (Mineral and synthetic

(Diffrential oil (Mineral and synthetic

(Steering wheel (Mineral and synthetic

(Brake oil (Mineral and synthetic

(Grease (Mineral and synthetic

(Power String oil (Mineral and synthetic

Glass cleaner

Anti Freeze

2. Vehicle accessories, shields and preservatives:

Detergent materials and dispensers

Cleaner materials and sprays

Mechanical materials and sprays

Floor materials and sprays

(Fuel Supplement Sprays (Gasoline / Diesel

Lubricant sprays

Detergents sprays

Protectors and coatings

3. Industrial products:

(Hydraulic oil (Mineral and synthetic

Oils and greases of opened and closed gearboxes (Mineral and synthetic)

(Generator Oil (Mineral and Synthetic

(Compressor Oil (Mineral and Synthetic

Vacuum pump oil (Rotary, diffusion) (Mineral )and synthetic

(Heat Transfer Oil (Mineral and Synthetic

Trans oil

(Marine and Shipping Oils (Mineral and Synthetic

Silicone oils with special base

Spinning and weaving industry oils

pharmaceutical, food and health industries oils

4. Grease and lubricants for vehicles and industry:

Types of automotive and mechanical greases (minerals and synthetic(

Types of Lubricants in Automotive Industry (mineral and synthetic(

Types of silicone greases with special base

Types of greases in food and pharmaceutical industries

Types of opened and closed gearbox greases

Majority of our customers which we proud for cooperation

Oil and Petrochemical Industries, Rail Industries (Railway, Metro), Automotive Industries, Military Industries, Air Industries, Textile, Spinning and Weaving, Building Industries, Road Construction Industries, Agricultural Industries, Steel Industries, Casting Industries , Glass and glass industry, rubber and plastic industries, cement and plaster industries, power plant and electricity industries, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, carpet industry, ceramic tile industry and ...

بازرگانی البرز

بازرگانی البرز

بازرگانی البرز

بازرگانی البرز

بازرگانی البرز

بازرگانی البرز

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